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Foreclosure leads to serious credit and legal consequences over the span of 10 years. After being evicted from your home the lender can file a judgement against you for up to the full value of your home, the IRS can garnish your wages, and creditors can attempt to collect (often doing so relentlessly). Even worse you'll likely face significantly greater challenges in qualifying for another home, apartment, car, credit cards, certain bank accounts and even certain jobs. Interest rates in this situation are often highly unfavorable, making monthly payments less affordable. Foreclosure is one of the most stressful situations people can face. It is truly in your best interest to stop foreclosure now.

If selling your home allows you to stop foreclosure and also have cash to secure your new beginning, we are here to provide a strong all-cash offer for your home As-Is. No repairs or preparation needed, and you pay no closing costs, commissions or  fees, guaranteed. We've worked with individuals experiencing foreclosure due to job loss, loss of a loved one, divorce, medical debt, and bankruptcy. Don't lose your greatest asset, take action today. Call 713-257-0018


The Best Solution: Preventing Foreclosure

March 7, 2022

Written by Lauren Vargas


This information is meant for educational purposes only and not intended to be taken as financial or legal advice.

Higher Ground Homebuyers encourages you to reach out to a trust legal and/or financial advisor regarding your individual situation.

1. Face The Problem

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Contact your lender as soon as you anticipate falling behind on your mortgage payments. Lenders generally want to avoid foreclosure. They therefore offer options such as forbearance, repayment plans, mortgage modification, and others. While these options should be considered carefully, ignoring the problem and your lender's attempts to communicate will only make things worse. Lenders will eventually take legal action against you. It is best to face the problem.

3. Understand Your Equity

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A realistic understanding of your home's value is important for determining the equity you have available should you need to use it for moving forward. If selling your home on the market is an option, preparing and listing it for sale with urgency will put you in a better position. However, if time is of the essence, paying closing costs and fees is not feasible, your home needs major repairs, and/or you owe more than what your home is worth, working with a trustworthy investor is the next best option. 

2. Use Resources Available To You

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When facing foreclosure there are resources available to you. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers low to no cost counseling agencies approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) . You can also explore other community based programs which offer homeowner assistance. Seeking legal counsel is another option to explore. In all, be cautious of unscrupulous individuals who look to take advantage of individuals facing hardship.

4. The Bottom Line

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Avoiding the problem might be tempting, but putting a stop to foreclosure is crucial for you and your family's longterm wellbeing. As difficult as the experience is, another ten years of added stress can have a devastating impact. The bottom line is you should act now to avoid being foreclosed on.

Meet Lauren


Having experienced similar financial hardships in the past as the homeowners she works with, Lauren is a different kind of real estate investor. Lauren's understanding, coupled with her strong sense of ethics, allow her to support homeowners in moving forward from hardship. In Lauren you will find someone who is honest, accessible, dependable, and enjoyable to work with. Having served as a school teacher and administrator for 15 years in her past, Lauren has no issue with navigating challenging problems and situations. If you need a solution  for stopping foreclosure, call Lauren directly at 713-257-0018 or click below.

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